David and Michelle bought a nice 4 bedroom at the peak of the real estate market. It’s now 2012, and they have been using credit cards to pay off the mortgage for the last 3 months. David and Michelle can no longer afford to pay the home off, and decide to sell as a standard sale. The property has been on the market for 6 months with no interest, 5 other homes on their same block are all trying to sell, and at lower prices. Unable to make their payments, David and Michelle received a notice of default from the bank. With piles of debt building, they decide to give up their home to the bank, they don’t want to try anymore.

Does this sound like you? Thousands of households are experiencing this same scenario right now, but what makes the difference is how each handles it. If David and Michelle did a short sale, they would bounce back from this financial dip many years faster. It’ll take them around 7 years (same as a bankruptcy) to regain back the credit lost in a foreclosure, but in a short sale you can reclaim in perhaps 2 or 3! (years are subject to different scenarios.)

  • No more stressing over your home!
  • Short Sales are 100% FREE for you.
  • Don’t let the accumulating late/overdue mortgage payments ruin your future!
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You are most definitely not alone. In the Subprime Crisis aftermath, thousands of homeowners are facing financial disasters because they cannot keep up with the mortgage payments of their increasingly depreciating homes and cannot sell it for what they bought it for. If this is your situation, should you foreclose your home to the bank, or should you do a short sale? The difference affects your credit and how lending companies view you in the next few years. A foreclosure is like giving up. Many foreclosed homes are left in a skeleton state, with homeowners taking anything (refrigerators, heaters, water softeners, etc…) that is of monetary value. The banks have difficulty selling and homes stay on the market for months, depreciating every day. Between legal fees, possible eviction costs, taxes, insurance, maintenance, HOA fees and selling costs, a foreclosure can cost a lender 40K or over. Lenders do NOT want to own.

For primary residences, opting for a short sale solution gives you immediate debt relief from all mortgage related creditors. You need to act NOW. Don't even wait until you get a Notice of Default. Give yourself as much time as possible so we can take complete the many steps of the Short Sale. If you are having trouble making or have missed one or more mortgage payments, do not delay! I will work aggressively in your best interests from the beginning to end of your transaction.