There are tons of “too good to be true” easy ways to relieve your real estate stress out on the market right now. You’ve all heard of the loan modification scams, but there’s a new one roaming around. “We’ll take over your payments!” Signs on the side of the freeway offramps are 95% scams. Desperate homeowners sign away their title for a couple thousand dollars in hopes that these companies will take over the responsibility of the home. In reality, the victim will still owe for the mortgage but will no longer have the asset.  The fraud company runs with your money and the deed as well.  You end up in foreclosure anyway!

A few of my clients were deceived into one of these and I’m here to warn you! Consider these factors before jumping into such companies:

• Have an actual certification. All real estate agents, attorneys, mortgage lenders, etc. have to go through training and certification to be qualified to serve you, but these new businesses can be started with a couple hundred dollars, a telephone, and a mailbox to receive your checks.

• BBB doesn’t always stand for Better Business Bureau, it stands for Best Bet to Bargain! Many reports of scam companies going from a D grade to an A grade in as little as 2 weeks! Miracle! Their business grade can be “negotiated” with or lied about. Don’t trust a company just because of its BBB grade!

• DON’T PAY UP FRONT! I would never charge my clients a penny for a job not done well. Why pay for the goods if the goods aren’t delivered yet? In Short Sales YOU don’t pay AT ALL! Closing costs, Agent fees, everything is covered by the bank once it is approved.